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Support AlsaPlayer
development with hardware / cash?


AlsaPlayer need some good artwork. The following is needed:

  • AlsaPlayer Logo
    The actual logo is fine but it show nothing else that an AlsaPlayer screenshot on a gimp generated background (or something similar). And worst of all, it doesn't scale very well.

  • AlsaPlayer Icon
    The AlsaPlayer don't have any icon and the actual logo doesn't scale well at small size.

  • Other artworks
    Any artwork you may want to contribue. As example, button artwork or taskbar icon.

A nice working GTK2 interface is in preparation. In order to get not only a nice working interface but a nice interface too, we need those artworks, especialy a wonderful icon.

If you already have or are willing to make any artwork that you feel can fit with AlsaPlayer, please considere to donate it.

You can send me any personal contribution directly to me with the subject [alsaplayer-artwork].

I will add them on this page as soon at I get them. A pool on alsaplayer-devel will decide which artworks will be choosen.

The winners will win a dedicated personal release of the AlsaPlayer.


The actual logo

The actual logo


My personal icon

My personal AlsaPlayer icon
It have 2 disavantages: I am not sure if the original image is free and it doesn't scale well at small sizes.

Madej's icon.

Madej Alsaplayer icon
It is the icon that show in the taskbar with the GTK2 interface. It was a lost file in AlsaPlayer sources.

John Kelleher's icons

John Kelleher made this icon from the logo.
Loudspeaker icon from qjackctl icon directory
He also send me this icon he found in qjackctl icon directory.

Trinine (Tristan & Nini) artwork

Those french users send me a couple of nice and original artworks they made with inkscape and gimp:
Those files are under the GPL-v2 or any later version.

Logo like in the seventies
Logo like in the seventies

Associated icons and banners
Associated icons and banners

Firefox sucks: the banners in png

Firefox sucks: the banners in png
The banners in png

Martin 'dum8d0g' Kopta artwork

This gui offer some very nice artwork to AlsaPlayer. This work is not only an artwork but also a whole concept with logos, banners and icons:

dum8d0g artwork

dum8d0g artwork 2

Martin's svg source file

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