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Sat Oct 6 2007
* Ryan Hill: fix man page spellning
* More spellning fixes in the man page

Sat Sep 29 2007
* Hubert Chan: Fixed loading of the gtk2 config file

Sat Sep 8 2007
* Added a few words in the man page about Jack output

Wed Sep 5 2007
" Updated Swedish translation from Lars Lindqvist
" Fix for buffer overflow in vorbis input plugin from Erik Sjölund

Sat Jul 14 2007
* Updated TODO

Thu Jul 12 2007
* Changed exception in COPYING

Mon Jul  9 2007
* Peter Lemenkov: added necessary #defines for systems w/o PATH_MAX
* Removed duplicated PATH_MAX stuff.

Sun Jul 08
* Peter Lemenkov: Reorganized code for loading input modules (CorePlayer.cpp).
  We should test module before actual assignment.
* Updated licence to GPL-v3 or later.
* Changed numeric value for maximum lenght of pathname to standard macro
  definition when avaible. (Peter Lemenkov and Hubert Chan)

Sat Jul 07
* Workaround by Hubert Chan when the album name is on multiple lines (cdda
  input plugin).
Tue June 26
* Fixed typo in header of the german translation.
* Initial swedish translation. Need work.
* Removed wrong category in the desktop file. Added some MIME types. He
  validate now.

Mon June 25
* Madej: updated polish translation.
* Frank Baumgart: german translation.

Sun June 24
* Madej: fixed icon when "don't start playing at startup" is selected in
  the preferences.
* Moved interface/qt into trunk/experimental/obsolete.
Sat June 23
* Removed files from the scopes2 tree.
* Added French translation.
* Moved GTK1 stuff out of the tree.
" Main.cpp: Fixed help message and gtk2 launch at startup when no $DISPLAY.
* Madej: Fixed segafult when closing a scope wondow.

2007-06-22  gettextize  
* Madej:
	* m4/gettext.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/iconv.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/lib-ld.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/lib-link.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/lib-prefix.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/nls.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/po.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/progtest.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/codeset.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/glibc2.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/glibc21.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/intdiv0.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/intl.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/intldir.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/intmax.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/inttypes_h.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/inttypes-pri.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/lcmessage.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/lock.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/longdouble.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/longlong.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/printf-posix.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/size_max.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/stdint_h.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/uintmax_t.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/ulonglong.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/visibility.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/wchar_t.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/wint_t.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/xsize.m4: New file, from gettext-0.16.1.
	* m4/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add the new files.
	* (SUBDIRS): Add intl, po.
	(ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): New variable.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Add config.rpath.
	* (AC_OUTPUT): Add intl/Makefile, po/
*Madej: fix for the play at start function.

Wed June 20 2007
* Removed EffectsWindow files and references as we don't use it.

Mon June 18 2007
* Madej: improved loop and looper buttons,

Fri June 15 2007
* Madej: Added don't close window checkbox in the addfile window.
* Takashi Iwai: fixes the build of FLAC plugin on 64 bits.
* Takashi Iwai: fixes possible buffer overflow due to typos for snprintf (Main.cpp).
* Takashi Iwai: Fixes the possible buffer overflow in the cdda engine.
* Madej: mad patch, add extended header support in mp3 files (utf-8, utf-16, utf-16be,
* Madej: adds some new dialogs (which are not really in use yet), changes behaviour
  when we remove files, remove some warnings, fixes memory leak (must be still in
  gtk1), brings back insert button.
* Madej: adds back folders prefs in gtk2.
Wed June 13 2007
* Madej: Added mute and center button, fixed drag and drop as well as an
  horrible crash when pressing Enter.

Tue June 12 2007
* Madej patch: GTK2, initial commit of a preferences window.
* Peter Lemenkov: Removed old .cvsignore files.
* Fixed horrible mistake in the desktop file.

Mon June 11 2007
* Added fflush function in daemon interface, fix bug 1052028.
* Madej patch: initial drag and drop support in playlist (copy and move
  (with shift)).

Sun June 10 2007
* Madej: fixed Credits window to look better.
* Removed unwanted wmclass from GTK2 and scopes2.
* Madej: Added playlist height options in preferences.
* Madej: Fix for quit function: it will save the prefs both when quiting from
  the title bar and the quit menu.

Sat June 9 2007
* Madej patch: restore open file dialog on the play button when the playlist
  is empty; clicking on clear will stop playing; fixed some warnings.
* Madej: fix strange speed behaviour when unpausing with jack and smooth
  transition; changed mouse wheel behaviour: scroll up with increase the volume
  or the speed, the balance will go to the right.
Fri June 8 2007
* Madej patch: fix weird speed behaviour when resuming from pause with jack output.

Thu June 7 2007
* Madej work: GTK2: the buttons use gtk themes.
* Madej patch: Fix the volume awarness of the gtk2 interface. It will react
  correctly to volume change from the console.
Wed June 6 2007
* CDDA engine: patch form Hubert Chan (Debian) that fix the CDDB support on port
  888. Madej's html support on port 80 is left.
* Madej: 2 patches that fix info display resizing with the font size.
* Madej: sizes in config file, stop and play icons in playlist, infobox collor

Tue June 5 2007
* Madej patch: fix the speed awarness of the GTK2 interface. When the speed is
  changed from a console, 2 clicks on pause with resume playing at the last used
* One more from Madej: The playlist window schrink-expand with the playlist
* Madej: Playlist is now in the main window.

Mon June 4 2007
* New patch from Madej for GTK2: new info window.
* Added wm class and ressource in blurscopes.

Sun June 3 2007
* Madej: Added labels in the GTK2 interface, second loop function for songs and
  info window.
* Madej: Fix for the cdda engine, cddb use html on port 80.

Sat June 2 2007
* Updated/added the copyright and license information..
* Added filename description and preferences section in the man page.
* Changed contact information. Please use "Dominique Michel" 

Fri June 1 2007
* Madej: lot of code cleaning on the GTK2 interface, about window,
  tooltips, main window can be resized, loop in playlist work
* CDDA engine: removed directory in server name 
* Updated TODO list and AUTHORS

Thu May 31 2007
* Madej patch: html handling in cdda_engine
* Updated AUTHORS file

Tue May 29 2007
* Updated TODO list

Mon May 28 2007
* Fixed GTK2 version to GTK2+-2.8.0 in
* Updated TODO
* Changed cddb_servername to the correct directory and cddb_serverport to 80
* New Madej patch: Added --disable-opengl configure option
* Fixed keybindings missbehaviour and improved play button
Sat May 26 2007
* Backported to gtk interface Madej's fix for AP crash with transparency
* Changed the default cddb server to
* Changed default interface to gtk2.
* Fixed the behaviour of the play button. It work now as explained in the
  man page.

Fri May 25 2007
* Madej patch: added the same keybindins and loop function in gtk2 as in gtk.
* Deleted non needed gui folder in gtk2 interface.
* Removed obsolete gtk2 folder.
* New Madej patch. Fixed Alsaplayer (gtk2) crash when transparency support is
  enabled in X.
* Fixed return value in CbSetCurrent (gtk2 only issue).

Thu May 24 2007
* The desktop file will launch the gtk2 interface.
* New Madej patch: Add scopes support in the gtk2 interface.
* Updated obsolete doxygen functions.
* Madej patch: Lifting of the gtk2 interface.

Wed May 23 2007
* Moved the existing and not working gtk2 interface in interface/gtk2obsolete
* Committed a new and working gtk2 interface in interface/gtk2
  This new interface was kindly provide by Madej from Poland.

Tue May 22 2007
* Fixed the CFLAGS to use AM-CFLAGS

Sat May 19 2007
* Updated config.guess and config.sub with latest savannah version.
* Added missing include in app/CorePlayer so it will compile with never gcc
  and non gcc compilers. Thanks to Debian for this fix.
* Applied Debian patch from Viktor Radnai and Paul Brossier. Add basic
  keyboard navigation (skip, pause, etc.), loop mode (looping inside a
  selection), pressing play button or key during playback return to the
  beginning of the song, speed changes one musical semitone a time using
  the keyboard (handy for changing the key the song is played back in).
* Added keyboard shortcuts for speed +/- 1 comma (useful to tune the player
  when playing some musical instrument at the same time).
* Updated the man page with those keyboard bindings.

Tue Apr 24 2007
* Added Player fredesktop sub-category in alsaplayer.desktop.
* Fixed the make system so at it will install alsaplayer.desktop.
* Fixed a bug in the make system (docs/ was looking
  for a wrong file with the uninstall process).

Wed Apr 6 2007
* Added support for flac-1.3 and flac-1.4 in flac input plugin.
  Thanks to Jens Maurer for providing the patch.
  Modified the patch so at alsaplayer still will work well with older
  flac versions.

Thu Mar 22 2007
* Fixed frame size with small wav files in app/CorePlayer.cpp.
  Thanks to Silvan Calarco for providing the fix.

Wed Mar 02 2007
* Added a note about the correct use of the daemon interface in the man page.

Tue Feb 13 2007
* Fixed thread in AlsaNode.cpp
* Fixed output format in alsa-0.5 output plugin 

Wed Feb 9 2007
* A desktop file

Thu Feb 1 2007
* Fixed Makefile to work with gtk gtk2 configure options.
* Various importants security fixes commited by Debian for its distribution
  and for the alsaplayer. They include fixes in the http reader, the alsa
  output plugin, the ccda engine, for reading flac metada tags, for playing
  correctly mono audiofiles, fix in the text interface and the gtk interface,
  in the jack output plugin, in the main interface, and in the cdda engine.
  Those patches solve the vulnerabilities found by Luigy Auriemma (see
* A new man page (Thanks to Debian).

Fri Dec  5 21:41:50 CET 2003
* Code cleanups
* Fix for NPTL enabled systems (Redhat, Debian).
* Fix for new ALSA driver release
* Do not loop the playlist by default
* Fix filename handling with percent signs
* lower resource usage (RAM + CPU) for embedded target
* VOLUME and PAN values are now FLOATS. Interface coders, take note!!
* xosd interface: larger standard font
* xosd interface: configurable font, timeout, hor/vert. offset and color

Thu Apr 24 01:16:41 CEST 2003
* Fix XING header parsing
* Basic start/stop transport control support in JACK plugin
* Playlist is set to looping by default
* Add --pause parameter to pause/unpause a running player
* Add --status parameter to dump some info about a session
* Add --quit parameter to quit a session
* Added support for ALSA's dmix device. Improved the alsa plugin.
* Fixed a pretty silly bug in AlsaNode which caused crashing when adding
  multiple subscribers.
* API Update: scope_plugin, init takes a pointer argument (not used yet)
* API Update: input_plugin, stream_info structure expanded (not used yet)
* API Update: output_plugin, set_buffer call.
* Remove --background parameter, use &
* Eliminate extra memcpy in streaming core
* Remove static JACK mixbuffer.
* Remove the confusing Load/Unload calls from CorePlayer. Open/Close now.
* Made MAD plugin a bit more robust
* Fix crashing bug when shoutcast/icecast stream is not in sync
* Add _interface postfix to all interface plugin shared libraries
* More warning fixes for gcc 3.3
* Fix a whole bunch of compiler warnings.
* Remove deprecated JACK function call, requires jack 0.50.0 or higher now

Thu Feb  6 06:49:35 CET 2003
* New: Initial CDDB parsing for CDDA plugin (Anders)
* New: xosd interface ("-i xosd")
* New: lightweight ap-control program (see examples directory) to control
  alsaplayer operation
* New API functions for randomizing and saving the current playlist
* FLAC plugin converted to reader API (Drew) which means we can now also
  receive remote FLAC streams.
* Shoutcast metadata handling.
* OGG plugin also supports Icecast/Shoutcast streaming!
* Add initial support for Icecast/Shoutcast streaming!
* Support pls playlist loading (no metadata loading)
* Add preliminary HTTP 302 redirect handling in http reader plugin
* MAD plugin works correctly with non-seekable sources now
* Text interface works much better now
* --quiet mode disables progress bar in text mode interface
* Improved ogg vorbis performance
* New -E option, which replaces the queue in a running alsaplayer
* New -c option, which lets you select a specific config file for use
* New ap_jump_to() libalsaplayer function which allows jumping to specific
  playlist tracks.
* New libalsaplayer functions for looping control
* Fix playlist loading
* Fix FLAC playback support
* Fix crashing bug when fragment size was bigger than 16K
* Fix timedisplay for none 44KHz OGG  streams
* NAS output plugin fixes

Sun Dec  1 17:11:03 CET 2002
* New --background parameter to put alsaplayer in the background at startup
* Accept m3u (playlist) files on the command line
* JACK output plugin fixes; use jack's samplerate, properly deactive before
  disconnecting from jack.
* CDDA player now adds all tracks to the playlist, instead of playing the
  audio CD as one huge CD track. Idea from Patrick Shirkey.
* Fix small reentrancy problem in CDDA plugin
* Remove threading from Playlist::Insert(), it was causing too much trouble.
* Bump up input_plugin version, change open() param for const char *path.

Wed Sep 18 11:52:43 CEST 2002
* Code cleanups
* JACK related updates
* commandline buffer overflow fixes.
* libcurl dependancy remove, rewritten http/ftp reader. 
* New sndfile input plugin, not ready for production use, and does not use
  the reader API for now.
* extended API; complete playlists may be loaded now
* removed --enable-tophack. It just hid internal problems from the developers.

Mon Jun 24 18:34:04 CEST 2002
* MAD plugin converted to new reader plugin API. This also means we don't use
  mmap() any longer. Now also handles files with large ID3 tags better.
* New reader plugin system by Evgeny. This brings in URI support i.e.
  you can now play directly from ftp and http sources (needs libcurl for now)
* --enable-tophack switch to configure. This enables some code that fools
  (simple) CPU measuring tools like top into thinking AlsaPlayer is infinitely
  fast i.e. top will show that we use 0% CPU even with lots of scopes open and
  mp3's decoding!  Whenever someone complains about AlsaPlayer CPU usage,
  just enable this and the problem will magically disappear *grin*
* Keyboard shortcuts for playlist: Insert, Delete, Return, Left, Right keys.
* List available interfaces and output plugins in help screen.
* New callback API for CorePlayer so interfaces get notified when
  something happens.  
* New ap_add_and_play(), ap_get|set_volume|pan() calls for libalsaplayer
* New info calls: ap_get_genre(), int ap_get_year(), 
  ap_get_track_number() and ap_get_comment().
* Modify layout of playlist window buttons slightly

Thu May 16 00:08:08 CEST 2002
* JACK plugin is now a *real* plugin. Minor changes to the output 
  plugin API to accommodate this.
* Changes for latest JACK, at least 0.28.2 required now.
* Add genre and album parsing in MAD plugin (Evgeny)
* NEW FLAC input plugin by Drew Hess, FLAC details at
* Complete reimplentation of socket control API (libalsaplayer)
  This breaks all old libalsaplayer apps, fortunately there aren't that many
  right now. The new API is much more flexible. It is partly based on ideas
  from BeOS' (RIP) BMessage.
* Parse XING headers so VBR mp3's get the correct time (finally! :)
* Load input plugins only once
* Check interface plugin version
* Include prefs_free() call, should have been in the previous version
* Force control socket to be read/write for the owner only
* Fix crashing bug when old visual scopes were present.
* Stop the mikmod plugin from crashing. This plugin was not 
  reentrant, and it still isn't, not until libmikmod can handle multiple
  files simultaneously :(
* Fix nasty NFS gotcha bug when attempting to mmap() files we don't have
  read permission for (bus error)

Tue Apr 30 13:43:07 CEST 2002
* Update included MAD files to 0.14b2. 
* Add -I interface for interfaces that want scripts (e.g. python interface)
* Removed mpg123 based plugin from tarball. It will probably make a comeback
  as a (sample) standalone input plugin
* Rewrote command line parsing, is much more flexible now.
* libalsaplayer: Change ap_session_running() return values to 1 for
  "running" and 0 for "not running"
* Round the total time calculation of mp3's upwards
* Implement some more libalsaplayer commands (AP_GET_INT_SONG_LENGTH_SECOND)
* Implement C interface for playlist interface subscription. It still uses some
  STL based datatypes for some parameters so the conversion is not total, just
  enough to not need pure virtual member functions.
* Made the song scanning function more efficient.
* Fix nasty bug with CDDA menu entry. 
* No playlist interface locking was done when playlist entries were removed.

Mon Apr  8 14:41:39 CEST 2002
* Song artist - title - time displaying in the playlist.
* Allow multiple selections in playlist for easier deletes.
* Found the real source of all the subtle deadlocks. We weren't acquiring
  locks in the same order all the time, a thinko.
* Replace foreground color change with icon for active entry in playlist

Mon Apr  1 03:06:08 CEST 2002
* Unpause when going to Next/Prev song
* Smooth speed transition, configurable with "gtk_interface.smooth_transition"
  in ~/.alsaplayer/config
* Renamed cleanup to shutdown in input_plugin, bumped up version number
* Bump up input plugin version number
* Found another subtle playlist locking bug
* Fixed huuge stack leak!
* ID3 tag support in mad plugin, using libid3tag!
* gtk+ playlist marks active entry 
* Renamed mad input plugin to mad_in
* Added check for libmad, and use it if present instead of our own copy
* Renamed 'include' -> 'alsaplayer'

Tue Mar 19 00:08:04 CET 2002
* Scopes will now remember their state
* Added a section parameter to the prefs system
* Changed behaviour of PLAY button in gtk interface
* Fix MAD playback on big-endian machines.
* Doubled the set_data and set_fft rate for smoother scope output
* Changed fft data output slightly
* New Blurscope and OpenGL Spectrum analyzer scopes, ported over from xmms
* Retired fftscope and logfftscope scope plugins. They were just (bad) versions
  of logbarscope
* Fix crashing bug when loading old scopes
* Removed scope_open() call since it was never used. Also renamed
  scope_close() to scope_shutdown() to better reflect its intended function.	

Tue Mar 12 18:54:48 CET 2002
* Fix bugs in external.cpp (libalsaplayer)
* Remove global session limit
* Add status field to stream_info in input plugin
* Fix build problem for MAD plugin on non-x86 platforms
* Remove ap_connect_session from public interface
* Fixed GTK playlist insert bug
* Fixed a bug in the AP_DO_PLAY remote command

Fri Mar  8 21:28:05 CET 2002
* Modified scope plugin interface, optional set_fft() call to scope. There is 
  a global FFT calculation routine fso scopes can feed off this instead.
	Doing internal FFT is of course still possible, see synaescope.
* Fix CDDA (CD) plugin to recognize "Track XX.cdda" files again
* Make our jack output ports terminal.
* alsaplayer will now remember the paths of the play, add, load and save
  dialogs whenever you sucessfully complete one of these actions (all paths
	default to / initially)
* Removed Qt plugin since it was causing build problems for many folks. 
  Will make it back, but as a separate plugin.

Tue Feb 26 20:56:34 CET 2002

* More improvements to libalsaplayer. pkg-config support
* alsaplayer headers are also installed by default. First version that
  is really ready for external plugin development.
* Preferences system, finally! The code is there, now we need to use it
  pervasively. The prefs system is also available to plugins of course.
* More JACK improvements, we try to reconnect if we timeout.
* configure flag --with-jack now works
* The logfftscope does a fast to slow falldown, very subtle change.
* The MAD plugin is now much smarter at detecting the correct start of
  MP3 files.
* Placed the pause button inbetween the -100 and +100 speed buttons. Makes
  more sense since pause is speed 0.
* Fix NAS detection and nas_set_buffer() function.
* Some more cleanups to the code.

Sat Feb 16 12:59:23 CET 2002

* libalsaplayer becomes reality. Using this lib external programs are able
  to control an alsaplayer process (set speed, seek, etc)
* Fix cdda build process	
* You can now select to which JACK ports alsaplayer (jackplayer) should
  connect to.
* When using JACK exit cleanly if we timeout.
* Code freeze turned out to be coding session :)

Fri Feb  8 02:25:49 CET 2002

* More jack related changes, sync up with latest CVS
* Renamed input plugin to to prevent collision
  with the real
* Bumped up plugin version to 7 to stop old libvorbis from loading. Clean
* Code freeze for the next week or so since I want to document all the
  various plugin API's	

Mon Nov 26 22:57:36 CET 2001

* Modified AlsaNode to output through JACK ( After successfull
  compile just start alsaplayer with -o jack, or make a symbolic link from
	"jackplayer" to the alsaplayer binary. For more information on JACK visit
	the website at
* Added -x option to crossfade between songs. Note that fading is not done
  yet and that the cross time is not configurable. This feature is still in
	the "proof of concept" stage.
* The scopes in the gtk interface plugin are now fed a fixed block of audio
  data instead of a single fragment. This greatly increases the quality of
	the scope display and the scopes will now work even if you have a fragment
	size of less than 1024 bytes. They also work fine when jack output is used.	

Thu Nov  1 14:53:23 CET 2001

* Fix MAD input plugin to play MONO files correctly
* Convert Monoscope to use indexed images
* Changed interface_plugin API. interface_start() no longer has a 
  CorePlayer parameter, instead the CorePlayer object is now part of
	the Playlist objects.
* Converted the input plugins to compile as C++. This will allow greaters
  flexibility as to what can be done inside input plugins.
* Updated Qt interface plugin (rikkus)	
* Add a dirty fix for the convolve_match routine called in Monoscope. Further
  investigation is still neded.
* Renamed the cli (command line interface) to text
* Various other tiny bug fixes

Sun Oct 14 23:10:55 CEST 2001

* Made alsa output plugin more flexible when setting sampling rate. This
  should fix startup failures on some audio cards
* MAD plugin inclusion. 
* Add --enable-prefer-mad configure switch to load the MAD plugin
  over de mpg123 plugin for MP3. The MAD plugin doesn't do song info
	display yet so.
* Lots of bug fixes

Sat Sep  8 23:38:02 CEST 2001

* Fixed another nasty threading bug. The scope windows never really
  joined since the wrong thread id value was passed
* Modified the cli interface output slightly, better looking
* Added a new menu pixmap button. This is less confusing.
* Modified the scope window to be less confusing also.
* Many small cleanups to the code to make some compilers complain less.
* A new Qt interface plugin was added, courtesy Rik Hemsley. This plugin
  still needs work, lots of functionality is still missing, but it will
* Unload scope plugins at gtk interface exit.
* Disabled convolve in Monoscope. The convolve function has a bug that
  overwrites some parts of memory, but it's subtle enough to not crash 
	during runtime. It will be back once we figure out the exact nature of
	the bug.
* Another bunch of autoconf fixes and cleanups.

Tue Aug 28 11:16:15 CEST 2001

* Interface plugins are reality! Woohoo :)
* New gtk+ interface plugin (spaghetti code)
* Crude command line interface plugin
* Moved load_input_plugins inside the CorePlayer class, where it belongs
* Cleaned up Playlist class
* Removed many of the global variables
* Modified CorePlayer class to do stream mixing. Multiple instances of
  CorePlayer are now possible in combination with reentrant plugins allow
	for simultaneous playback of multiple streams (with internal mixing).

Wed Aug 22 11:17:20 CEST 2001

* Fixed a nasty threading bug. The Playlist interface was updated
  without proper GDK locking. This caused an Xlib async when you had
  lots of things going on.
* Fixed a crashing bug in GTK code. This bug was only reliably
  triggerable with Ximian's GTK package. If you've been getting
  GDK BadDrawable errors at startup, here is the fix!
* Fixed OGG VORBIS mono playback. non 44KHZ stream might still have
  problems. Please report.
* Lots of fixes in the configure script.
* New --disable-mikmod configure option to disable mikmod plugin building
* Added a close button to the playlist window

Mon Aug 20 17:32:13 CEST 2001

* NEW!! OGG VORBIS input plugin. Full speed control too!
* Major restructuring of the configure script. Many packages were
  simply misdetected (nas, esd, audiofile)
* Fixes for GCC 3.0. Everything should build with g++ 3.0 now

Mon Aug 13 18:33:33 CEST 2001

* Updated for latest ALSA CVS (0.9beta6)
* New configure option --disable-gtk, to build without GUI code
  (defaults to --enable-gtk)
* Minor bug fixes

Mon Dec 11 02:31:34 CET 2000

* Works with latest CVS 0.6.0 version (as of Dec 7).
* Removed -c/--card, introduced -d/--device to reflect the flexibilty of the
  new snd_pcm_open() call. Default value is "hw:0,0" for first device on first
  card (same as before)
* Fixed MONO mp3 playback bug, should fix the "Frame too large" errors
* Next release should have completely decoupled interface/gui
* Fixed include problem in app/SampleBuffer.cpp

Fri Apr 14 20:53:57 CEST 2000

* Woah, has it been that long?!
* New NAS (Network Audio System) output plugin by Erik Inge Bols
* Esound output plugin should be included once again
* Mini bug fixes

Mon Nov  8 19:51:11 CET 1999

* Fixed MONO mp3 bug, finally, for real!
* More GUI separation code from Richard
* Playlist code reworked almost completely (Richard)
* Minor cleanups to the various scopes
* Monoscope fixed, smooth again

Sun Oct 10 00:46:03 CEST 1999

* Added new alsa2 output plugin which adds suppor for the PCM v2 tree
  in the ALSA CVS repository

Mon Oct  4 14:13:57 CEST 1999

* Playlist fixes. Handles m3u files correctly. Saving a playlist will
  automatically append .m3u to it, if it's not there already.
* Audiofile plugin is not build by default, it is only useful for WAV files
  right now and the dedicated WAV plugin does a better job anyway.
* WAV plugin fixes, plays many more WAV variants. It does need a complete
  overhaul though. Soon
* Eject button is in place. Functionality should be about right
* Multiple file select! Yes, you can now add multiple files to the playlist in
  one go
* Fixes to the process. Should work very well on SGI/Irix now
* Fixed MP2 playback, whoops, forgot to add support after changing the input
  plugins to be pure C.
* All input plugins are now pure C coded. This makes portability much simpler
  and also makes writing a plugin much easier. Support for shared memory areas
  will be looked at in the near future. This might be useful for multiple
  instances of a plugin.
* The input plugin interface was expanded a bit. see input_plugin.h for
* Reorganized the source code layout. input, output and scopes directory are
  now directly under the root tree instead of in app
* Offtopic: new mailing lists, thanks to Richard Boulton. And while we're
  off-topic, "The Matrix" DVD works flawlessly here, whoopee :)


Wed Sep 29 20:26:03 CEST 1999

* Will take songs from the command line vim /usr/s

Sat Sep 25 11:47:16 CEST 1999

* New NULL output plugin that simulates a soundcard. This allows you to
  experiment with the player even if you don't have auidio hardware.
* The NULL plugin allowed me to debug all the scopes on Sparc hardware
  remotely. Fixed a longstanding bug in Spacescope and Stereoscope!
* Cleaned up some gtk calls. It's getting clearer every day
* Fixed a silly bug in AlsaDAC that prevented output plugin autoselection
* Added 2 tiny icons to the interface that identify the balance and volume

Wed Sep  8 15:38:00 CEST 1999

* Fixed some bugs, cleaned up some code
* Reintroduced the WAV plugin. You no longer need audiofile to play WAVs
* Made the CDDA plugin compile only on Linux platforms 
* Removed the hard coded plugin names. Everything is now loaded dynamically

Tue Aug 17 09:07:51 SRT 1999

* Fixes to the source tree so it compiles for gcc 2.95. Thanks to everyone
  who sent in patches :)
* NEW Synaescope! This is a port of Synaesthesia to the AlsaPlayer scope
  plugin architecture. Thanks Richard, it rocks!
* Stereoscope returns, lets see if its more stable now.
* Other cleanups to the code

Sat Aug 14 18:37:07 SRT 1999

* Fixed levelmeter and spacescope set_data functions. It should fix the
  problem on SGI and Sparc boxes
* Added correct casting in several places to keep gcc 2.95+ happy  

Wed Aug 11 09:54:43 SRT 1999

* Pause button now toggles between pause and play
* UI changes, for the better I hope. I hacked in an Eject button but removed
  it again (the code is still there). Somehow I still think an "Eject" button
  is not right. File selection will improve soon so that should make it
  obsolete anyway.
* Increased pitch range to 233%
* Scope plugins are now loaded dynamically! Except for Monoscope and FFtscope
  which keep the fft and convolve routines linked in until that prob is
* As a result of the dynamic scope plugins the stripped main binary is only
  about 150K now!  

Tue Jul 20 14:44:41 SRT 1999

* Minor changes to the MikMod plugin

Mon Jul 19 15:01:31 SRT 1999

* Major changes in thread synchronization, using pthread_join()
* Fixes for MikMod crashes
* New experimental layout of main GUI
* Updated audiofile library plugin to v0.2.1

Tue Jul 13 17:28:26 SRT 1999

* Bumped the default SCOPE nice level to 15 (again). This makes a HUGE
  difference for slower machines. Performance should be much better now.
  Scopes should not suck up CPU cycles that are badly needed by the decoder 
  and soundcard feader threads!!
* Modifications to the audiofile library plugin, should work much better now,
  but we're not there yet
* Added yet antoher incarnation of the FFTscope, this one is called the
  logFFTscope with a logarithmic X-axis (Petr Janecek)
* Disabled the default reverb level in the MikMod plugin. This should
  dramatically decrease the CPU usage and actually improves the sound output.
* Added genuine audiofile library detection for SGI boxes (Michael Pruett) 
* Fixed some crashing MikMod plugin bugs. Started looking at potential race
  conditions in the code. We should be save for now.
* Removed the 50ms delay time before feeding the next song to the soundcard.
  This might have a negative effect on slow boxes (stuttering output at the
  start of the first song). Please report problems.

Thu Jul  8 12:35:35 SRT 1999

* Minor changes to the MikMod plugin. Requires libmikmod 3.1.7 now.
* Modified time indicator to display "No time data" when there's none
  available (the plugin hasn't implemented it yet, etc..)

Tue Jul  6 03:07:06 SRT 1999

* New MikMod plugin from Paul Fisher. Thanks! AlsaPlayer can now do MODS,
* Removed aplay plugin for now. It is cuasing a bit of trouble for other
  plugin coders and the code is really hackish anyway.
* Also disabled the sterescope. It has been the source of crashing bugs on
  Sparc and selected x86/linux boxes. Have to figure out how/where.
* Added audiofile plugin from Michael Preutt. Thanks!
  It still needs work though. This will perhaps replace the aplay
  entirely since audiofile supports many more formats.
* Preparing code for the CVS tree
* Added gtk_set_locale() call

Thu Jul  1 11:21:30 CEST 1999

* Bug fixes to the gtk+ code, delete_events were mishandled and that caused
  many unexplained segfaults when closing scope windows.
* Improved monoscope and fft code
* Removed 'active' icon in Scopes Window, it didn't work very well and I got
  too many 'bug' reports on it not working ;-]
* New SGI audio library output plugin by Michael Pruett. He also discovered
  the gtk+ bugs. Thanks!


I switched to the new mpg123 0.59r code. This needs lots of testing. It seems
to work ok on my x86 box. The nice thing is that I finally understand most of
the mpg123 code that's getting called from the glue code. This also brings
support for shoutcast/icecast a little closer (it's not here yet!!). There
are some internal changes needed to support 'streaming' media. Support for
3DNOW ccelleration is now also a possibility. Now, who wants to make libmpg123
reentrant? :)

Sun Jun 27 20:15:26 CEST 1999

* fft lib thread-safe fixes from Richard Boulton
* Modified Monoscope by Ralph Loader! Cool stuff
* New FFTscope II!, modified FFTscope with few bars and fall-off
* Minor changes in the engine

Fri Jun 25 17:59:09 CEST 1999

* Fixed some bugs
* NEW! UltraSparc native output addon!!!

Thu Jun 24 13:12:06 CEST 1999

* New FFTscope implementation by Richard Boulton! Many thanks!
* Fixed spacescope hanging in 8-bit mode, thanks Fice :)
* Replaced redundant code in scopes with MACRO

Thu Jun 24 00:23:31 CEST 1999

* Output plugins are now compiled using plain C. C++ compilation was not
  needed and automake was screwing up with conditional compiles
* Major configure work. The configure process should now build all
  configurable output modules (ALSA, OSS and ESD).
* New -o,--ouput switch to select the output method to use

Mon Jun 21 14:40:08 CEST 1999

* Important performance bug fixed. An extra memset in the (tight) soundcard
  loop was not needed at all. This should really help especially for low
  latency playback!
* Put the indicator callback update in a thread. I don't trust the gtk+
  timeout system. I keep wondering which commercial company will use gtk+
  for their apps?!
* Fixed ALSA scope synchro bug

Sat Jun 19 22:17:13 CEST 1999

* Yes! Input and output plugins are now loaded dynamically! This means you
  will have to do a 'make install' to copy the files to the right location.
  Future versions will allow for custom plugin paths and more flexibility.
* Changed the font of the main window
* Added another function the output_plugin structure:
	get_latency() * returns the latency introduced by the hardware
* The scopes should be synced with music using esound (0.2.12) now
* Bug fixes, and bug additions no doubt 
* Selecting something in the "Play File" dialog closes the dialog

Fri Jun 18 00:06:29 CEST 1999

* Weeh! stupid bug in Playlist.cpp. The playlist loader couldn't handle paths
	with spaces in them. Fixed.
* Some instability for mp3 playback under Solaris. Needs more investigation.
  	Fixed up some code, but that's not the main prob.
Wed Jun 16 15:44:19 CEST 1999

* Delete dac object at program exit
* Added functionality to load/save buttons in playlist window
* Internal changes/cleanups
* Added 2 new functions to input_plugin struct:
	nr_tracks()	* return number of tracks in stream
	track_seek() * seek to a track
* Many changes in the various input plugins, all except the mpg123 plugin
	should be ready for multi open. the mpg123 plugin needs a lot of work
	since the decoder itself is not reentrant. I hear xaudio is, and perhaps
	the skysound also. I'll be working on plugin docs sometime this summer.
* Upped ringbuffer fragment count from 20 to 44. This uses more memory but
  buffers a lot more data in RAM for playback (see app/CorePlayer.h)
* plugin->close(obj) is now called only once, as it should
* RESYNC_FRAMES is now 3 in mpg123 plugin, should make reverse playback
	a wee bit faster :)
* squashed some more bugs
* ID3 tag info is displayed in the main window (when present)

Mon Jun  7 10:30:30 CEST 1999

* Optimized display info output. Fields are only redrawn if their text has
  changed. The update frequency has als been bought down from 10HZ to 5HZ
* Added check for snd_pcm_t / void handles so it compiles with older versions
  of alsa-lib
* Disabled the usleep() hack in ALSAOutput.cpp, produces crackles. I'm almost
  100% sure this is an ALSA bug.

Sun Jun  6 11:16:57 MEST 1999

Some small bug fixes. First public f.n. release 

Tue May 11 09:35:23 CEST 1999

Woah, what is it with all these gaping holes in the Changelog file?
Frankly I'm still a horrible documenter.

Bug fixes:
* Last (partial) ringbuffer partition is also played. It was being skipped
  earlier since it was marked empty. pcm_worker() does the right thing now
* Fixed a bug where the player would sometimes do a CPU hogging loop
  on MP3 streams with garbage at the start. There was already some code
  in mpg123 to strip this crap out but the read_frame_init() function was
  not called at the start of each new stream. Happens when you don't bother
  checking what use a function is :) 
* Fixed some potential divide by zero errors.
* Added some more 'check pointer for NULL before using it' code
* Fixed a bug in the audio data buffering code. Still wondering when
  that cast from void* to int* made it in there (I hear that's bad practice)
* Cleaned up the CorePlayer class. Not sure if I need to abstract it more
* Cleaned up some stale code in the scopes. Plugification still needs to 
  be done for scopes btw
* Cast sum to (short) in app/mpg123/decode_4to1.c WRITE_SAMPLE(...)
* Cast sum to (short) in app/mpg123/decode_2to1.c WRITE_SAMPLE(...)
* Cast sum to (short) in app/mpg123/decode_ntom.c WRITE_SAMPLE(...)
* More hacking. The player should compile on Solaris/UltraSparc
* Added an --enable-debug switch for -DDEBUG and -g
* Check for esd only if we compile for esd output


* CD button. When pressed should start playing your AUDIO CD in /dev/cdrom
* Experimental 8-bit WAV support, thanks to Tkil for the algorithm 
* Parameters at startup!

Available options:

  -h,--help         print this help message
  -f,--fragsize #   fragment size in bytes [default=4096]
  -g,--fragcount #  fragment count [default=8]
  -c,--card #       use card number [default=0]
  -n,--nogui        start in command line mode
  -q,--quiet        quiet operation. no output
  -v,--version      print version of this program

* NOGUI mode. Yes, you can now use the player in your scripts. Controls are
  still missing though (I'm trying to learn Python. *hint hint*)
* Doesn't do subsecond display by default.

Thu Apr 15 15:02:34 CEST 1999

Keeping track of what I'm hacking is not something I do often. But here goes:
Many (many!) changes to the internal structures of the player. The plugin
system should be very solid now. It only took me about 1 hour to write a CDDA
plugin, and most of it was cutting and pasting stuff and getting to know the
ioctl CD interface.

* CDDA plugin for true CD Digital Audio playback! You get speed (pitch)
  control for free too!

Thu Mar  4 11:57:12 CET 1999

* Cleanup of automake builds. Distrubtions can now be build by simply doing
  a 'make dist' in the source tree, cool! Automatically fixed the .deps/
  inclusion prob!
* Started serious thinking about the marshaller thread. This is the main
  reason there is no function playlist yet. Since the program is threaded
  we can't use simple function calls in some places, messaging is needed.


I switched from the old (and buggy) amp mpeg decoding engine to mpg123. This
makes the whole player about 10x more stable since mpg123 has very robust
error correction (compared to amp, which had none :). The speed is about the
same with full optimization. It also looks like the floating point exceptions
that were occuring were happening inside the amp engine, woohoo! And of course
mpg123 has a much clearer license than amp... *Psyched*

Mon Mar  1 07:39:02 CET 1999

* Cleanups everywhere, restructuring of code
* I finally sat down and figured out how autoconf works. So from now
  on compiling should be as easy as running configure and make (yeah right)
* packed up a pr3 release, still only really interesting to C coders or
  real enthousiasts

Thu Feb 18 00:19:23 CET 1999

* Started logging changes into a Changelog
* Massive cleanups everywhere, most code gets throught the -Wall test
  The GLADE code is the only part that produces minor warnings. Standard
  flag in the Makefile now
* Finally (finally!) got the buffering code right (crossing fingers). It
  turns out there was way too much (and incorrect) locking done on various
  datastructures. The only mutex that survived was the counter_mutex. The
  producer functions blocks on this mutex as soon as there are enough
  buffers ready for the consumer. The consumers unblocks the producer as
  soon as its starts consuming the next block. 
* Fixed a nasty bug where consumer could start reading a buffer that was
  being written to by the producer! The solution was very simple. Since
  we don't really care about a missed buffer read that much we just return
  an empty PCM block if there are currently no buffers available. The reason
  why we don't care is because this case is very rare in normal day use.
  This is a simple and elegant solution. This should also fix the race
  condition (a real life one!) which occured sometimes (the producer would
  start producing at full CPU speed never blocking untill it ran out of
* Made the playlist do something. gtk_object_set_data() rocks!
* Tidying up for PR3 release
* Threaded file/directory loading in playlist (directory recursion is done
  in a separate thread)
* Minor GUI updates
* Scope threads now die when closing their window

??? Jan 24 00:00:00 CET 1999

* Somewhat usable now
* Fixed loads of race conditions/threading issues
* Implemented all scopes for 8-, 16- and 32-bit X displays
* Added more threading (each scope runs in its own thread)
* Functional FX and SCOPES button
* Software volume and balance controls (leaves the hardware mixer alone)
* Minor GUI redesign (glade is ok)
* Double buffered counters
* Further design on Playlist layout (it's *NOT* working yet)
* Minor code cleanups, still very hackish/ugly

Earlier additions

* The base code was started on in August 1998, with on and off coding. 
  Various redesigns and new ideas were implemnted/scrapped/reimplemented
* A semi working player core appeared at the end of 1998. 
* Coding on my BeOS player BeMP has virtually stopped, there are no more
  challenges to it. I haven't even bothered porting it to R4 (maybe to R4.5)
  since BeOS boots are few and far apart. UPDATE: Well, after 3 more years
	of lingering Be, Inc. finally sold its assets to Palm in 2001.
	Thanks for the experience Be!

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