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Support AlsaPlayer
development with hardware / cash?


The best way to get AlsaPlayer currently is in source form. You can download either via from this site or sourceforge:

Alsaplayer source (this site)

Python bindings source (this site)

FFTscope visualization plugin (this site)

MIDI input plugin

Download all the packages from sourceforge

To install Alsaplayer on Gentoo:

Alsaplayer is in portage again, so just run "emerge alsaplayer"

or install the Pro-Audio Gentoo Overlay where you can find live ebuilds for the git repository.

Below you'll find links to various binary packages:


  • Debian: alsaplayer package

  • Zenwalk: AlsaPlayer in in the extra repository, so run "netpkg alsaplayer".

  • Mandrake, Suse and other on:

  • Slackware-current: Zenwalk's package is compatible. Download it and run "installpkg alsaplayer-....tgz.

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